Why Self-Care is Important for Mental Health:3 Important Tips

Self-care is not indulging in pointless indulgences; it’s a state of mind. It is practicing putting your needs before other things. Because by doing so, you will be able to fulfill your other priorities better.

“Positive emotions can decrease stress hormones and build emotional strength”(http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/taking-good-care-yourself).

Taking care of yourself makes you feel better. Feeling well helps you do what you need to do. You may have noticed that working is easier when you’re well-fed and well-rested versus sleep-deprived and starving.

So what does good self-care look like? Here’s five tips to start your recovery by taking care of your self first.

1.Set a Good Morning Routine

You will be more likely to do something if you do it at the same time every day rather than whenever you feel like it.

In the morning, make sure you are taking care of your physical needs as well as doing something that decreases your stress. This can be anything from exercising to writing in a journal. Anything to reduce your stress by taking your mind off whatever may be bothering you.

So, before you go to work or school, make sure you have:


-drank something

-showered and brushed teeth

-done something to reduce stress

By doing these things, you will feel better. Doing these things at the same time everyday will make this routine a habit. Good habits are essential to beating depression.

2. Talk to Someone

Even if it’s just a phone call

Everyday make sure you talk to someone you know. This can be anyone, such as a friend or family member.

By having a heartfelt conversation with someone, you will strengthen your connection to that person.

In one compelling study, a key difference between very happy people and less happy people was good relationships”(http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/taking-good-care-yourself).

3. Know When Not to Do Something

Though helping others feels good, there is such a thing as excess. There are times when there will be more than a few things fighting for our attention, and sometimes, it’s hard to say no.

Know when something is preventing you from caring for your self and things you need to do succeed. Once helping someone out starts to take a way from what you need to do, you have to start declining.

Once again, self-care is not just sleeping the day away. It is a series of activities to make you feel better so that you can live better.

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